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Company Matchmaking

Regional Experts is seasoned in liaising companies overseas with government departments, ministries, financial institutions, development agencies, research institutes, universities, financial beneficiaries, multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, charity foundations and individual experts

Market Analysis


Regional Experts operates across markets and geographies. Desk research, online analysis and onsite inspections provide valid insights in business perspectives, the feasibility to enter an unknown market and the probability to close a deal with a prospect

Marketing Advice


Markets are optimally served when exporting entrepreneurs are responsive to local habits and indigenous traditions. Our onsite marketing services are exclusive for clients and inclusive for the local community

Shanghai Technical Transfer Exchange (page 4)

Sales Support

Sales support

Vendors wish to convince potential buyers. Regional Experts supports sales via introducing your company, commodities and merchandise to prospects, purchasers and partners

Partner Brokering


Partnerships, and other pathways for arranging agreements, sometimes need an extra hand. Regional Experts assists to overcome occurring constraints by building trade liaisons along the way

Fostering Welsh partnerships

Export Experts

Cruise Ship

Regional Experts brings together exporting and importing enterprises aiming at generating a mutual commercial and societal benefit

International business coach commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency