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Cross Cultural Coaching

Cross cultural coaching builds bridges in dialogues and helps to overcome perceived historical and cultural hurdles, if encountered when abroad. Regional Experts increases proficiency in individual and group interaction with the objective to establish public and private partnerships whilst dealing with foreign marketplaces

Socio-Anthropological Advice

Sales support

Social anthropology is the study of human culture and society. In practice it seeks to understand how people live in societies and analyze their interaction with technology. Regional Experts practices a socio-anthropological approach during pluricultural advisory assignments

Training Courses


Regional Experts offers online and onsite practice oriented cross cultural courses and technical trainings. We organized training courses for executives in capacity building in the transportation sector, the construction industry and computer manufacturing

Training train operator trainers at Trainkos in Kosovo

User Manuals

Atlas Mountains

User manuals clearly explain how a product, system or service works whereby a customer benefits from a purchase. Such a written interface requires the right language focusing on the actual needs of the end user

Solution Engineering


Skilled engineers enjoy solving issues by practical determination. Mutual goal is to accomplish serious results. Common objective is to implement smart sustainable solutions for inclusive prosperity

Towards a European Partnership in support of satellite-enabled downstream services