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Regional Experts is an intermediary platform for business matchmaking. Regional Experts connects prospects, customers and clients with experts in:

Our Services

Knowledge Transfer


Knowledge transfer encompasses the entire process from exploration to exploitation. Knowledge transfer involves multiple stakeholders among whom policy makers, financers, researchers and entrepreneurs, for inventors, innovators, investors and individuals

Policy Advice

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Science, technology, innovation and regional policy are elementary for economy, society and climate. Regional Experts is commissioned to provides independent impartial policy advice in a range of fields aiming at augmenting public clout

Spatial Planning


Spatial planning is the engineering profession that coordinates policies and practices for spatial development at all scale levels. This affects the complete organization of public, private and personal spaces. It facilitates a sustainable working and living environment including embedded infrastructures

Company Matchmaking


Conducting business primarily depends on meeting the right person at the right place and time. Regional Experts acts as an intermittent agent for companies and organizations with a need for partnership brokerage at worldwide marketplaces

Event Management


Effective conferencing with policy makers, scientists, technology developers, business associations, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals requires efficient programming at venues preferably with a dedicated atmosphere


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Regional Experts is specialized in handling and hosting incoming and outgoing delegations engaging with government departments, industry, universities, academies, associations, financial institutions and individual experts

Cross Cultural Coaching


Regional Experts provides coaching services in bridging cultural sensitivities, enhancing personal interaction skills with clients and increasing team proficiency in securing contracts



Regional Experts is capable to accommodate the entire acquisition process from contact to contract

Financial Access


Financial donors, suppliers of public and private capital and other gatekeepers of monetary resources mandate applicants to be thoroughly prepared and obedient to procedures