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Knowledge Transfer

Regional Experts connects you with validated expertise in any discipline. Our integrated approach embodies the right understanding of complicated content and the context of the knowledge sharing process itself

Contract Research

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Regional Experts conducts research, implements research results and is capable to deploy project and programme management services

Technology Licensing

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Regional Experts creates extra value by capitalizing intellectual assets through incubating inspiring ideas, inventions and innovations

Company Formation

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Activities emerging from ongoing work sometimes yield a newly established entity as a startup, spinout or spinoff. Or an existing company reinvents itself into another direction. Hands-on assistance implemented by an entrepreneur is welcome then

Online Reviewing

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In a world of increasing specialization and limited travel it can be a challenge to identify a practitioner in the constantly expanding knowledge infrastructure who is certified to validate a concept. Stakeholders expect that research and development serve a societal need and generate profit

Universities as key actors in knowledge-based economic growth