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Policy Advice

Regional Experts is recognized by governments, non-profit institutions and civil organizations as an unbiased, independent and impartial advisor on science, technology, innovation and regional policy

Policy Evaluation


Genuine specialists with a holistic approach keep being invited for unprejudiced external consultation regarding generic as well as sensitive policy affairs

Evaluator for the European Commission 2020

Roadmaps and instruments for policy makers 2003

Business in Brussels


Regional Experts understands the policy architecture in the heart of the capital of the European Union where technical acumen and language skills are e to accomplish results. Regional Experts enhances your chances with European and international institutions

Member of the European Expert Panel on Service Innovation and Rapporteur to the Commission

Invited expert advising the Commission on Horizon2020 policy instruments

International Representation


Regional Experts is an interface for knowledge exchange with public entities, supranational authorities, non-governmental organizations, international financial institutions and professional associations

Creative industry as Dutch Top Sector (in German)