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Business Matchmaking

Regional Experts liaises companies and organizations overseas with public entities, community organizations, private companies, importers and exporters

Market Analysis


Operating across markets and geographies unlocks investment opportunities in developing regions. Desk research, online analysis and onsite assessment generate valuable insights in the viability of entering a local market. The structure and details of a planned arrangement enhance the probability for sealing a real deal

Marketing Strategy


Strategic development encompassing target markets is best served when exporting entrepreneurs contribute to community engagement and act responsively with respect to regional habits and traditions. Services are exclusive for clients and inclusive for local communities

Shanghai Technical Transfer Exchange (page 4)

Sales Support

Sales support

Vendors wish to promote and convince their potential buyers to purchase products and services. Regional Experts contributes to corporate priorities and supports sales on the spot by catalysing merchandising and attracting possible clients, purchasing prospects and partners, customers and clients

Onsite assistance at Growtech Eurasia in Antalya

Partner Brokering


Regional Experts increases proficiency in the art of business partnering abroad by augmenting returns. Regional Experts improves the attention for overcoming occurring cultural constraints and builds trade liaisons along the way in case partnerships and other pathways for arranging an agreement need an extra hand

Fostering Welsh partnerships

Export Experts

Cruise Ship

Regional Experts brings together exporting and importing enterprises through tools and techniques for leveraging societal impact and share success serving worldwide marketplaces

International business coach commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency