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Companies seek capital and expertise in order to guarantee continuous sales of proprietary products and services. Regional Experts helps with funding applications in all stages from first contact to final contract covering the entire investment cycle

Financial Access


Regional Experts provides access to capital by opening doors to financial institutions. Suitable sources of public and private funding pertain to soft funding, government grants, subventions, subsidies, blended finance, angel, seed and preseed funding, investment funds, banks, venture capital, private equity, institutional investors, sponsoring, fundraising, crowdfunding, philanthropy, aid programmes and other endowments supplied by public and private financiers and individual donors

Funding opportunities for feasible projects in Caribbean country (in Dutch)

Procurement Policy, Protocols & Procedures


Regional Experts comprehends where and when which written and unwritten rules and regulations are crucial for gaining contacts, winning contracts and obtaining concessions. Advice in and support to procurement processes sustain the accomplishment of relevant standards and selection criteria. Regional Experts edits, examines and scrutinizes proposition texts during the complete application procedure from draft to approval

Compliance & Clearance


Eligibility for market admission is determined by domestic regulations. Clearance follows authentication and authorisation guidelines issued by regulators and governing officials. Regional Experts assists clients in becoming compliant with local customs and habits in order to seal real deals

Investment Readiness


Financial valuation is critical for an investment agreement. Position yourself powerfully with investors, articulate what is key for an investment presentation and always ascertain your performance and presentation are in accordance with cultural and linguistic standards as maintained by potential financiers and beneficiaries

Investment Analysis

Investment Readiness

Investments in Energy Transition

Investor Pitching

Investor pitching

Professional guidance in approaching and convincing investors is supplied through practical tools for elevator pitching, polishing of pitch deck presentations, finetuning of negotiation techniques and verification of successfull market entry and exit strategies

Investment expert at financial event in Bucharest & Sofia 2019