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Knowledge Transfer

Regional Experts matches knowledge needs with validated expertise and crafts in any academic or technical discipline including interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge. The integrated approach is embodied in profound understanding of the content and context of the knowledge transfer practice

Contract Research

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Regional Experts thoroughly conducts meticulous research, implements validated research results and provides project and program management services and technical assistance

Technology Commercialization

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Regional Experts adds extra value to technology commercialization by incubating inspiring ideas, accelerating inventions and innovations, constituting concepts, industry analysis and market assessment, valuation and valorization of intellectual property rights, capitalization on asset management, merits in capturing emerging trends and latest developments, closing license agreements, venture building through entrepreneurship support, and the co-establishment and growing of start-up, spin-off and scale-up companies

Universities as key actors in knowledge-based economic growth

Training Courses

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Regional Experts co-organizes online and onsite practice oriented technical trainings, cross cultural coursesm, executive trainings and communities of practice where dedicated tutors share best practices featuring topics such as how to set up a knowledge transfer office, transformative service innovation and capacity building in private sector development

Training train operator trainers at Trainkos in Kosovo

Cross Cultural Coaching


Cross cultural communication builds dialogues and mitigates intrapersonal hurdles if encountered. Regional Experts help to overcome cultural sensitivities by providing practical services in enhancing personal interaction skills and elevating team proficiency. Cross cultural coaching capabilities create clear communication channels concerning complex content & cultural context

Smart sustainable inclusive economic growth in Belize

Solution Engineering


In a world of increasing specialization it is rather time-consuming to identify a properly certified and ingenious practitioner capable in implementing a proper solution. Regional Experts partakes in relevant expert communities and cooperates with research backed experts in matching knowledge needs with appropriate expertise

Towards a European Partnership in support of satellite-enabled downstream services