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Policy Advice

Regional Experts serves policy makers in governments, academic and non-profit institutions, civil organizations and enterprises with generic and specific advice on science, technology, innovation, regional, environmental and commercialization policy

Policy Evaluation


Genuine specialists with subject matter expertise and a holistic approach deliver unbiassed, independent and impartial advice by mentoring, monitoring and evaluation. Regional Experts enhances your chances in creating impact at international institutions, public organizations, industrial decision makers and investment agencies

UK Science and Technology Policy Analysis

Business in Brussels


Regional Experts comprehends the policy architecture in the EU capital where technical acumen and language skills are decisive to accomplish tangible results

Member of the European Expert Panel on Service Innovation and Rapporteur to the European Commission on Smart Economic Growth

Spatial Planning


Shaping spatial systems is a core competence of Regional Experts by the involvement in strategic studies and project management regarding the development, operation and flourishing of regional ecosystems of entrepreneurship and innovation, science and technology parks, high tech campuses, innovation districts and technopolises

Conference initiator and co-organizer Railway System Development in SE Europe Priština KO

Mobility services support in mountainous regions Valle d’Aosta IT